Teaching School Students in Texas About the Armenian Genocide Through Geography 01/17/2023

A productive meeting took place between the Head of Academic Affairs of AVC Marine Khachaturyan and the Director of the Global Scholars Diploma Program of the World Affairs Council of Austin Michael Cunningham, where they discussed a pilot program aimed at raising awareness among high school students from Texas, USA, about the Armenian Genocide through teaching the geography of it.


The AGBU Armenian Virtual College, World Affairs Council of Austin, and Texas Geography Teachers collaborated to come up with the program, which will consist of two parts. The first part will be a simple quiz taken before the curriculum unit, and the second part will be a two-day Armenian Geography Curriculum Unit.


The curriculum unit will cover various topics, including geography, history, culture, and language. This program is a great opportunity for Texas students to broaden their horizons and learn about different cultures and geographical regions.


The program will be made available on the TAGE Website of Texas State University and will be sent out to 3,000 Geography teachers across the state of Texas. This will ensure that many students will benefit from this pilot program, and geography education will receive a much-needed boost.