Another Successful AGBU AVC Academic Term In Hindsight 06/28/2024

It’s been a busy and eventful academic term at AGBU AVC, with over 900 e-learners from around the world participating in Spring Term classes.


Students of all ages from the US, Armenia, Russia, France, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Lebanon, Australia, the UK and many other countries enrolled in various online courses offered free of charge by AGBU AVC.  Presently, individual learners can choose courses in Eastern and Western Armenian language, Armenian History, Armenian Architecture, Armenian Music and chess.


“The courses at AVC are very well designed to progress on a number of themes and using a variety of methods, both visual and audio. We have all the keys to progress in a fun learning environment.”

Tifenn Boisseau
AGBU AVC e-learner, France

“I am very satisfied with the curriculum and the content of the AGBU AVC online courses. I am sure that they are effective, but more importantly, they are very interesting.”

Nick Bagdassar
AGBU AVC e-learner, Germany


Ten e-learners completed all levels of the Armenian language course and were awarded AGBU AVC diplomas at the end of Spring Term 2024.


One of the key features of the AVC courses is the variety of instructional languages, allowing e-learners to study in their native tongue. In Spring 2024, English, Russian, and French were the top three languages chosen by e-learners, followed by Portuguese, Spanish, Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian, and Turkish.


The academic quality and multimedia content of the courses, combined with the flexibility and convenience of study resulted in nearly half of the e-learners being returning students. This reflects their satisfaction and trust in AGBU AVC.


Beyond the self-study courses, AGBU AVC fosters unique opportunities for e-learners to connect and experience Armenian culture and traditions. The Spring Term was no different. It began with introductory group meetings led by AGBU AVC online instructors and continued with various online social events and gatherings.


The Spring Term was full of virtual activities for 23 Armenian schools participating in the AVC hybrid education program.  The schools incorporated the AVC courses into their study programs. Young students learned about Armenian holidays and traditions and explored cultural and historical sights during online tours and social events.


For example, during a virtual tour organized by their online instructor Gohar Gevorgyan, hybrid students from the Armenian Community Center of Rostov-on-Don (Russia), explored the Cafesjian Center of the Arts in Yerevan.


Students from Mesrobian College (Lebanon) virtually visited the Komitas Museum-Institute, under the guidance of AVC Western Armenian Affairs Coordinator and online instructor Zepur Kheblikian.


In hindsight, AGBU AVC's Spring Term was a continued success. The AVC team looks forward to welcoming e-learners to the Summer Term 2024. Enrollment is currently open, with classes scheduled to begin on July 1st.