Young Armenians from Javakhk Discover Online Learning at AVC 01/15/2018

The AGBU Armenian Virtual College together with the “Support to Javakh” Foundation “(JAH) continue to introduce the e-learning opportunities to young Armenians from Javakhk region in Georgia.


On January 11, the AVC team welcomed a children’s dance group from Javakhk at the office in Yerevan. AGBU AVC Operations Director Garnik Sevoyan, Hybrid Education Coordinator Arpine Tavakalyan, and the Western Armenian instructor Zepur Kheblikian presented the AVC programs, e-books and online educational tools.


Even though Armenian is the main language spoken in the families, the quality of language education in Armenian schools in Javakhk remains insufficient. The low language proficiency often affects the academic performance of students, who come to study in Armenia after graduation.


“The online courses are a good opportunity for you to improve your knowledge of Armenian. Try to take advantage of this opportunity, which can be a key to your future success”, said Ani Petrosyan, the Advisor to the Executive Director of the JAH Foundation, addressing the children. The presentation about the online chess course inspired a particular interest of the young audience. Unlike in Armenia, in Georgia chess is not taught in public schools, and none of the children knew how to play the game. They followed the visual and interactive demonstration of the lessons with curiosity and enthusiasm. Another topic of attention for the young dancers was a course in Armenian music, where they could learn about the history of their favorite folk dances.


This was the second visit of Javakheti youth organized together with the JAH Foundation. In fall 2017, AVC hosted a group of university students, schoolchildren and members of Armenian communities from Javakhk. The Foundation continues to raise awareness among Javakheti Armenians about the e-learning offered by AVC, in a joint effort aimed at preserving the national culture and identity.