Sydney: Looyce Armenian School Joins AVC’s Hybrid Learning Network 03/20/2017

The list of Armenian schools increases each term recording new success stories. Recently, the Looyce Armenian School of Sydney, Australia, incorporated the AVC Hybrid Education Program in its curricula to benefit from the blend of traditional and online education methods.

Due to the continuous efforts of Mihran Lepejian, AVC’s dedicated liaison in Australia, and the teacher Irina Ghoughassian the Looyce Armenian School joined the AVC Hybrid Program for the academic term of Spring 2017. About 45 participants have enrolled for AVC’s Western Armenian Language courses in different levels—depending on their knowledge of the Armenian language. The range of students varies from beginners to students taking advanced conversational Armenian with English being the instructional language.

The school principal Father Basil Sousannian and the teachers are very excited about the hybrid method of learning and have already noted its effectiveness and popularity within the students.

Thus the concept of the Hybrid Program—with its innovative approach of teaching Armenian students in the Diaspora—proves to be an effective tool to serve the AVC mission – educating Armenians worldwide and providing a sense of global connectedness.