Moscow: “Hayortats Toun” Students Learn about Armenian Virtual College 03/28/2016
In pursuit of creating awareness about AVC in Armenian communities, AVC Founding President Dr. Yervant Zorian visited Moscow on March 28, 2016, and met with Hayortats Toun students of the New Nakhijevan Diocese. Vice-President of the Chess Federation of Armenia, Mr. Smbat Lputyan, joined him in the meeting with the students. Yervant Zorian presented the AVC online education program and highlighted the program’s mission and objectives. Dr. Zorian also covered other AGBU youth programs in Armenia, thus welcoming the young people to actively participate in them. Mr. Smbat Lputyan in turn emphasized the importance of AVC’s Online Chess Program and pointed to its multiple benefits for chess-lovers. In a thank-you address to the guests, Director of Hayortats Toun Mr. Hmayak Gevorgyan, stated that such meetings and programs help young people living far from homeland acquire knowledge about Armenia, as well as communicate with their Armenian peers to stay connected to their origins.