Internet as a New Way of Reuniting Armenians: AGBU Montreal Hosts AVC 09/04/2014
Information and communication technologies have changed not only the barriers of the mind, but also the barriers of distance. The Armenian dream of being united seemed to be impossible for thousands of years, but can now be fulfilled thanks to the internet. The AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC) recently welcomed Montreal-Armenians into its big virtual network of Armenians. On September 4, 2014, the AGBU Montreal chapter hosted AVC Founding President Dr. Yervant Zorian at AGBU Montreal’s Demirdjian Hall. Dr. Yervant Zorian delivered a public lecture to the representatives of the Montreal-Armenian community, the young members of AGBU, and AVC Canada students, among others. Mr. Chahe Tanachian, chairman of AGBU Montreal, opened the event with a welcome speech and remarked on AVC’s significance in educating the Diaspora in their mother tongue. Afterwards, Dr. Zorian greeted the Canadian community and elaborated on AVC activities to the audience. The presentation was preceded by a Q&A session, which showed that the language, history, and culture courses taught online by AVC Online Instructors had garnered significant interest among the participants, especially for the AGBU Montreal school teachers. AVC Canada students and alumni, physically and virtually, took the floor in order to speak about the effectiveness of the online teaching model. Their speeches served as testimonials for the audience. It was evident that AVC’s innovative approach to teaching could open new educational horizons for Armenians living outside of Armenia. The goal of the public lecture was achieved; the explanation and mission of AVC was shared and warmly welcomed by the Armenian community in Montreal, Canada.