Closing 2015 with More Than 16,500 Readers of AVC e-Books 12/30/2015
e-Learning about Armenian topics has dramatically increased due to the initiative of AGBU – Armenian Virtual College. In 2014, when the AGBU-AVC took up creating the first issue of the pioneering series, it was just in time to meet the requirements of readers, by providing them with materials in Armenian Studies in multimedia format. Since then, with the publication of the second issue, the readership of the AVC multimedia e-Book series increased in an astonishing manner, reaching the figure of 16,933 readers by the end of 2015. The first e-Book, “The Armenian Highland”, recorded 2822 readers in the first month of September 2014. This proved to be a good indicator that the series was a triumphant success and that the e-Book initiative should be enriched with more topics on demand. The second e-Book, “Exploring Yerevan”, issued on April 1, 2015, achieved an even higher readership with the number of downloads growing each day in the following months. The fact that the entire e-Book series is focused on Armenian topics is not an obstacle for readers who are not Armenian. The goal of the e-Book series is not only to educate individuals from Armenian origin, but also anyone else who is interested in learning about Armenians. The engaging style, the user-friendly presentation and the use of the latest innovative means make the reading of the e-Books an enjoyable process.. The e-Books target the general public, as they are not too formal or simple, and therefore the series is a bridge between the university audience and the general public. Due to the e-Book series, AVC has been able to pursue its overall mission more effectively: to help Armenians discover and recognize the Armenian identity, as well as their historical, cultural and linguistically heritage through modern multimedia means.