Armenian Virtual College and Granada University Partnership 11/25/2013
The year of 2013 has been full of many news and achievements for the AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC). The news worth mentioning was the series of partnerships with overseas educational institutions. The newly achieved partnership was set with one of the famous universities of Spain – Granada University. The university with its five centuries old history, traditions and culture is rated among the top ten universities of Spain and holds the first place in Translation and Interpreting Studies. And it is the very Translation and Interpreting Studies Department that AVC initiated the partnership with. According to the agreement between the universities, the Armenian Virtual College will provide Eastern Armenian language online courses for the university of Granada students as a third foreign language option. The courses will be offered online guided by a Spanish-speaking AVC online instructor 24/7 available for students. The courses, based on multimedia technologies and enriched with professionally developed teaching material, will make the learning process easy to follow and pleasant to study. The students will get credits by the University of Granada upon completion of the course – an impetus that will motivate the students to easily enroll for the course. The partnership is a mutually beneficial program – the Armenian language as a centuries old Indo-European language will add great value to the linguistic, historic and cultural curricula of the University of Granada wishing to expand its students’ perspective in Near Eastern and Eastern European cultures. Deploying AVC’s multimedia teaching techniques the University of Granada students will have increased effectiveness in learning Armenian via this new method. For the Armenian Virtual College the partnership will be one more success story recoded in the series of successful collaborations with the European educational institutions and their audience as well.