Amman, Jordon – a New Point on AVC’s Extended Map 12/17/2015
The Armenian Community of Amman, Jordan, hosted AVC Founding President Dr. Yervant Zorian on December 17, 2015 for a public lecture. Dr. Zorian had the honor to present the objectives and achievements of AVC to the members of the community, as well as the new horizons that AVC’s e-Learning programs could offer the Armenians of Amman. Due to the efforts of the local Armenian Community Council and the management of the Hovhannes Panosian Hall in Yuzbashian Gulbenkian Azgayin Varjaran, in Ashrafiya, Amman, the day was full of people interested in the lecture, titled “Internet as a New Form of Armenian Reunion”. Archbishop Vahan Topalian and members of the Armenian community of Amman attended the event, which started with opening remarks by Maral Nersessian. Dr. Yervant Zorian featured AVC’s online courses and multimedia e-Book publications during the event, showcasing how the Internet can serve as a tool to reunite Armenians worldwide and preserve the Armenian identity. The attendees showed a keen interest in AVC offerings, and some of the enthusiastic members, including Maral Nersessian, expressed their willingness to support AVC in its mission and agreed to spread the word about AVC in the Armenian Community of Amman. The event came to a close marking the beginning of another mutually beneficial collaboration with one more Armenian community.