AVC e-Books Continue to Penetrate New Public Schools in Yerevan 03/22/2017

The AVC Multimedia e-Book Series continues to be used by students for academic and leisure reading. This spring AVC held a number of presentations of the e-books at public schools in Armenia. The students of #136 and #108 public schools in Yerevan learned about the benefits of the innovative e-Book series and became active users of the series.

Through a public lecture on March 22, 2017, AVC opened the wonderful world of e-Books to the students of #108 public school in Yerevan. The teachers and students experienced the attractive features of e-Books and learned about the possibilities of using them in their classrooms. On March 23, 2017, the students of another public school in Yerevan, #136, also discovered AVC e-Books. The interactive nature of the e-Books coupled with the multimedia features really generated a buzz in the young generation of users, whereas their teachers saw the benefits of the e-Books both in the classroom as well as out of it.

The increasing interest towards the e-publications supports the evidence that the innovative series is what the new generation of readers lacks today.