AVC Students Celebrate Their Heritage with Global Video Projects 05/26/2018

On May 26, 2018, the AGBU AVC hybrid program students joined together virtually in a dance of Qochari to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the First Republic. The video of the dance was posted on social media as AVC’s contribution to the Pan-Armenian flashmob “Let’s Dance Qochari” initiated by La Maison de la Culture Arménienne de Grenoble.


Students from AVC hybrid schools in different countries practiced and recorded their dance performances that were later made into a video. The AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School (Canoga Park, USA), AGBU Alex & Marie Manoogian School (Detroit, USA), AGBU-AYA Andranik Dance Ensemble (Aleppo, Syria), AGBU Marie Manoogian School (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Sparkle of Armenia Dance Ensemble (Rostov, Russia) participated in the event.


“I would like to say the words of appreciation for AVC’s very special work that contributes to the preservation and promotion of the Armenian culture. Our young people were happy to participate in this initiative, “said Tamar Khabaian, AGBU Aleppo office executive secretary.


This was the second global video project initiated by AVC as an opportunity for the students to celebrate their heritage, showcase their talents and connect to their peers in other countries. On February 21, 2018 the AVC schools in the United States, Canada, Egypt, Syria, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Armenia and Artsakh celebrated the International Mother Language Day together with a beautiful presentation of Sylva Kaputikian’s poem “Խոսք իմ որդուն” (“A word to my son”).