AVC Chess Master Class at Public Schools in Yerevan 03/17/2017
Alternative education is becoming more and more popular with an increasing amount of educational institutions choosing to benefit not only from traditional but also e-learning methods, and sometimes incorporating a blend of the two. On March 17, 2017 AVC Chess Instructor Vahagn Kalantaryan organized a Master Class at #166 Public School after Artem Mikoyan in Yerevan. The schoolchildren of the III E class had an exciting journey through the AVC online course; they discovered the multimedia functions, fascinating animations and the interactivity of the online chess course. The visually impressive format of the online course really grabbed the attention of the learners—at the end of the class both the students and the teachers were engaged in solving the online tasks and puzzles! The Master Class--based on AVC online course material with the Chess Instructor’s guidance onsite--once again revealed how useful the hybrid (blended) education methods could be in teaching today’s generation of learners.