AVC’s New Local Expansion 09/30/2016
AVC continues expanding its network of local schools. On September 30, 2016, the AVC team was hosted at Heratsi High School in Yerevan to present AVC’s Hybrid Program and the rest of the AVC offerings to the school’s students and staff. AVC Hybrid Education Coordinator Arpine Tavakalyan gave a talk to over 40 high school students and teachers. During the talk, they understood more about how technology had transformed learning culture and learned about the new technological opportunities that AVC uses as outreach to potential students worldwide. The audience was informed about the online education possibilities available in Armenian Studies through AVC, as well as the Hybrid Education Program connecting schools to AVC and to each other. Anna Avetisyan, the teacher in charge of international relations, expressed, on behalf of the school, the willingness to join AVC’s worldwide network of schools, thus supporting AVC’s vision of building a virtual learning community and creating social ties among Armenian students globally.