AUA Colloquium on Online Education features AVC 04/14/2017

The Armenian Virtual College and several e-educators and practitioners from leading organizations in Armenia came together at the Colloquium on Online Education on April 14 at AUA, to share their experiences in providing online education.

AVC Academic Director, Prof. Hasmik Khalapyan, presented the experiences, successes and challenges the College encountered in providing online education worldwide. Prof. Khalapyan pointed out that AVC had come a long way since its foundation: “New technological and academic developments continue to add to the advantages that AVC’s online learning system offers its students to best meet their growing needs.” The enhanced version of AVC’s Armenian Language course A1 Level-Teaching Armenian as a Second Language generated a deep interest in the audience, and the course author Marina Khachaturyan was offered an opportunity to cooperate with AUA in the near future.

A productive discussion and Q&A followed the panel session. The participants had a dynamic platform to discuss the most recent developments and trends in e-learning. Based on its experience in providing Armenian Studies to global Armenians, the AVC team restated that online education has enormous potential in making a revolutionary change in today’s Armenian educational system.