Students And Volunteers From Canada Visit AGBU Armenian Virtual College 08/06/2010
On August 6, 2010 a group of volunteers aged 16-25 from Canada chapter youth group visited the AGBU Armenian Virtual College to get a closer view at the courses the College offers. -I thought Armenian Virtual College would be the perfect opportunity for the people who are interested in the Armenian language and culture, so I brought them over here, - said Zabelle Berberian, from the Armenian –Canadian Venture “Barev Yergir”, who was accompanying the group. The young men from different parts of Canada came to Armenia to build a house in one of Armenia’s villages .The trip was sponsored by the Armenian Church of St. Trinity in Canada. Some of the members had known little Armenian before coming here but got more interested in own culture and language during the stay. AVC Academic Director Hasmik Khalapyan greeted the volunteers and told them about the idea behind the establishment of the college and the work it does today. Afterwards AVC Development Specialist Taline Djeghelian presented the group with a lesson of Armenian history, during which the young people took an interactive quiz. The students showed much enthusiasm and expressed willingness to become AVC ambassadors in their communities.