Armenian Virtual College Hosts Prof. Hilada Kalfayan-Panossian 07/28/2010
On 28th of July, the AGBU Armenian Virtual College hosted Prof Hilda Kalfayan-Panossian, a resident of Paris, France, a prominent educator and contributor of new ideas. The renowned Professor of Armenian Studies visited Armenian Virtual College within the framework of AVC’s series on expansion in the domain of Armenian online education. AVC holds regular seminars concerning new methods of teaching Armenian to Non-Armenian speakers. During these meetings, enlightening discussions take place where the AVC on-line Instructors have the opportunity to share their experience and broaden their knowledge regarding methods of teaching. The main benefit of holding such seminars is to generate new realization techniques, where an expert in the field of education, such as Mrs. Hilda Kalfayan-Panossian, provides Armenian Virtual College with approaches and material needed for further progress. In this specific seminar, Mrs. Kalfayan-Panossian introduced new theories of teaching Armenian to Non-Armenian speakers from her book “Western Armenian Handbook for Non-Armenian Speakers”. During the presentation she provided audio-visuals to grab the attention of fellow attendees. Mrs. Kalfayan-Panossian successfully overcame many obstacles in the past twenty years of sustained efforts. With the help of prominent experts, the Armenian Virtual College continues to develop and implement innovative pedagogical techniques to gain the interest and widen the horizons of its users.