Winners Of AVC Through My Eyes Photo/Video Contest Revealed 10/17/2012
The winners of the 1st annual “AVC Through My Eyes” photo/video contest have been announced. The three winning photos and three winning videos were chosen from more than 130 entries submitted by 83 AVC students from 24 countries. The first prize winner for the photo contest category was Gevorg Arzumanyan (Charentsavan, Armenia), who submitted a picture entitled AVC. The picture shows an apricot tree branch and three ripe apricots symbolizing AVC and its graduates. The first prize winner in the video contest category was Matheus Sobral Bentes (Fortaleza, Brazil), who submitted a video entitled My Story. In his video, Matheus tells his love story with an Armenian girl, who taught Matheus to love Armenia and Armenian culture and who became the main reason he chose to learn the Armenian language. The second and third prize winners in the photo contest category were respectively Anna Aslikyan (Yerevan, Armenia) and Alex Oganezov (Tbilisi, Georgia). Anna submitted a picture entitled Our Power is in Our Unity. She photographed two papers attached to each other with a needle and thread. Those two papers symbolize Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora. Alex submitted an entry entitled Avatar for AVC. He photographed a beautiful girl who\'s learning at AVC online. Gohar Navasardyan (Yerevan, Armenia) won second prize in the video category, and Anoush Marashlian (Damascus, Syria) was the third prize winner. Gohar tells of her journey with AVC and Anoush tells the story of Armenian schools in general beginning from St. Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian alphabet, up until the present time when learning Armenian became possible online through AVC. Prizes range from a tuition-free AVC course to handmade Armenian art works and certificates of achievement. Photos and videos were selected by both public votes and a panel of professionals, including AVC local committee and staff members. Winners were selected based on three criteria: relevance to the contest, creativity and overall impression. An exhibition of the best contest photos was held during AVC’s 3rd anniversary celebration day (October 17, 2012). AVC congratulates the winners of AVC Through My Eyesphoto/video annual contest and wishes them further creative successes! AVC plans to organize similar activities more frequently.