Fall Term 2016 Enriched with a New Social Event 11/20/2016
The academic term of Fall 2016 at AVC was closed recording a new social event, Cultural Tour and Master Class with AVC. The new social event was a cultural tour to Machanents, an ethnographic museum and guesthouse situated in Echmiadsin. Here, visitors could see samples of Armenian arts and crafts, as well as follow and participate in different workshops and master classes of Armenian pottery/clay art, carpet knitting, drawing and cooking. Together with Online Instructors, AVC’s regular and hybrid students had an unforgettable online experience: they could watch their Instructors participate in a pottery master class, and then get acquainted with colorful and diverse elements of male and female national costumes (taraz) and unique Armenian jewelry. As Armenian cuisine is part of Armenian culture and its interpretation, exploring it was a must within the frameworks of the tour. The greatest source of fun for the students came from the master class on the traditional Armenian cake, shaqar choraki (gata); AVC Online Instructors shared the recipe of Armenian traditional shaqar choraki and demonstrated to their students how it is prepared. Through the Cultural Tour and Master Class, AVC students were able to learn and visualize many things about Armenian traditions, arts and crafts, as well as experience a virtual socialization with fellow students. The link to the video of the Cultural Tour and Master Class with AVC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIaOgdFh_1g