AVC e-Learning Introduced to a Greater Number of Armenian Teachers 07/10/2017

The Armenian Virtual College actively continues to introduce its online courses and e-learning tools to educators from Armenian communities worldwide. In July 2017, the College participated in the annual “Diaspora” Summer School held by the RA Ministry of Diaspora and Yerevan State University. The goal of the Summer School is to contribute to the preservation and reinforcement of the Armenian identity within the Diaspora communities.

On July 3, 2017, AVC presented its activities to the Summer school participants at the Expo hosted by Yerevan State University. Later, AVC Academic Director Hasmik Khalapyan and Hybrid Education coordinator Arpine Tavakalyan met with a group of 60 Armenian language teachers and educational workers from different countries.

Dr. Khalapyan spoke about the AVC mission and the benefits of online learning. She focused on the use of technology in the classroom that, and changes the roles of teachers and students and calls for new forms of learning and the modernization of teaching methods. The presentation concluded with a detailed review of AVC’s innovative Hybrid Education Program as an effective tool for upgrading the teaching methods and curricula in Armenian schools.

Many participants expressed their interest in the AVC programs and were provided with information packs. Following the meetings, the teachers from Colegio Mesrop Mashtots school in Madrid joined the training course for teachers, with the perspective of introducing the AVC hybrid education method into their classroom.