The AGBU Armenian Virtual College’s New Online Presentation- Show “Armenians & Pantomime” 05/25/2012
An interesting online cultural event “Armenians and Pantomime” was organized by the AGBU Armenian Virtual College in late May 2012. Students perceived the activity as one of the most successful online social events implemented by AVC. For many of them this was the first ever experience of getting acquainted with the history of Armenian Pantomime and especially with the art of the king of clowns, Leonid Yengibaryan. As the Armenian Pantomime Renaissance was tightly connected with Leonid Yengibaryan and his art as an internationally recognized Armenian mime, AVC’s online instructors prepared an educational and entertaining online presentation enriched with his theatrical performances and other general educational and cultural facts that made all participating students to actively join and enjoy this unprecedented event. This online virtual event was another step forward in AVC’s mission of educating its students in Armenian language, history and culture while also creating and providing a strong bond and social network among students from all over the world.