From Theory to Practice: Playing Chess with the AVC Online Instructor 05/11/2015
One of the advantages of the AVC academic program is that it is built taking into account the practical needs of students. When the online chess program was introduced into AVC, not only was a well-elaborated theory provided to students, but also ways of turning that theory into practice. In the context of providing practical tools for chess students, AVC’s teaching staff, and the office of the AGBU-Cairo branch, decided to organize practical sessions of playing chess between the Cairo branch students and the AVC Online Chess Instructor. The chess classroom in the AGBU-Cairo branch had been opened in October, 2014, and due to the continuous efforts of Cairo’s AGBU office, the entire AVC team, and AVC representative Anna Dolabjyan, the Cairo branch students successfully had completed the two-level program with AVC. Upon completion, the students were armed with strong theoretical knowledge and showed great willingness to continue their studies in another format. Therefore, AVC offered them live sessions—every other week community members in Cairo now meet at the local AGBU office to play online chess with AVC Chess Instructor Vahagn Kalantaryan. The format of playing chess online proved to be very successful in turning the theory learned into practice, and is one of the many advantages that the AVC hybrid education offers to its students.