From Discussions to Practical Steps: AGBU AVC for Javakheti Armenians 10/20/2017

On September 12, 2017 AGBU Armenian Virtual College hosted the Executive Director of the “Support to Javakheti” Foundation (JAH) Ashot Hakobyan and his Adviser Ani Petrosyan.


Established in 2014, JAH Foundation seeks to promote the economic, cultural and educational development of the Armenian-populated regions in Georgia and contribute to the Armenian-Georgian cooperation.


During the meeting, AVC Academic Director Hasmik Khalapyan and Hybrid Education Program Coordinator Arpine Tavakalyan presented the online learning opportunities offered by AVC. The discussion concerned the ways of cooperation between AVC and JAH Foundation to make quality non-formal education accessible to Javakheti Armenians.


In October 2017, AVC held a meeting with a group of 16 university students, schoolchildren and other members of Armenian communities in Javakheti. The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness about AVC’s activities and present its online learning options and tools to larger groups of Javakheti Armenians.


AGBU AVC Operational Director Garnik Sevoyan and Hybrid Education Program Coordinator Arpine Tetalyan talked about the College’s mission, teaching methods and advantages of online education, and demonstrated the multimedia e-books and online demo lessons. The participants highly commended on the patriotic work done by AVC and asked numerous questions. The painter Victor Hovhannisyan, who was born in Akhalkalak and is presently living in Yerevan, suggested adding an online course about the rich heritage of Armenian fine arts.


All the participants expressed their willingness to spread the word in their communities about the online learning opportunities offered by AVC. As part of the AVC mission to preserve and promote the Armenian heritage, the e-courses to Armenians in Javakheti will be provided free of charge.