AVC Visits Rostov, Russia 11/11/2014
AGBU Armenian Virtual Collage (AVC) does not only provide classes online, but it also blends traditional and online education for Armenian communities and schools across the globe supplementing their curricula with additional resources. The schools and communities where this method has been introduced are called hybrid schools, and there are 18 of them actively operating around the world to date. On November 11, 2014, AVC team visited AVC Lab in Rostov, Russia, located in the building of the Armenian Community Center. Being equipped with all the necessary technological conveniences, hybrid classes are held in the center twice a week. During the visit, AVC Online Instructor Ovsanna Chorokhyan made a brief presentation for the Rostov community members about AVC’s latest innovations and programs to be followed by a Q&A session. The participants were introduced to the TV School program, a recent innovation by AVC, giving the Diaspora Armenians another opportunity to learn their mother tongue. The community members were especially enthusiastic about “The Armenian Highland”, the first book in the AVC Multimedia e-Book Series that gives an overview of Armenia’s history and geography from ancient to modern times with a full multimedia experience, accompanied with vivid colored images, videos, panoramas and interactive maps. AVC chess program was also introduced to the public with demonstration of the online teaching method which was of great interest to many. The Q&A session that followed the presentation revealed that the students were attending the hybrid classes with great pleasure and enthusiasm despite their busy schedule. The students also shared their impressions and experience of the learning process as hybrid students. At the end of the meeting, the Rostov community members sent their best wishes to the audience and the AVC staff. They wished for AVC to expand, as well as to increase the number of its hybrid schools in many other communities and create the largest community of Armenians all over the world.