AGBU Armenian Virtual College Unveils Free, Brand-New Multimedia e-Book 01/29/2014

Today, the AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC) unveiled the very first multimedia e-book of its kind: “The Armenian Highland,” part of AVC’s groundbreaking series of electronic books on Armenian culture and history, which is now available, completely free of charge, on mobile devices and desktop computers.

Through this new e-book series, AVC is expanding its reach beyond the 3,000 international students already enrolled in its virtual classrooms. The highly anticipated “The Armenian Highland,” with its user-friendly features, is being welcomed around the world by scholars and casual readers alike.

Topics include the Highland’s centuries-old history, natural environment and administrative divisions, each of which is brought to life through images and videos. Readers are able to assess their progress through optional quizzes, identify key events on timelines, and refer to the extensive glossary developed especially for this resource.

"The idea of presenting the rich Armenian culture and history through a series of multimedia eBooks came from the desire to help raise the awareness and visibility of Armenia. Offering it free of charge for mobile devices and computers makes it available for everyone anytime and anywhere in the world. These eBooks will turn a new page in uncovering the Armenian identity and redefining the Armenian Experience” said Dr. Yervant Zorian, Founder & President, AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC).

“The Armenian Highland” draws from the AVC curriculum, as well as academic journals, historical documents, and university courses. The next two forthcoming books in the AVC series will also rely on those sources, exploring issues such as Armenia’s economy, popular culture and tourism. Using cutting-edge technology, and incorporating subscribers’ feedback, this resource advances AVC’s mission to provide an Armenian education anytime and anywhere.

“We have blended the latest in technology with the finest multimedia resources on the Armenian Highland to create a fantastic e-Book that stimulates every learner”, said Ben Toker, mobile commerce entrepreneur and member of AVC Board of Trustees.

Subscriptions to the AVC multimedia e-book series are free of charge and can be downloaded in only a few seconds. The iBook version will be available this March for iPads and Mac computers and the browser version will be available for additional mobile devices and PCs.

Watch the e-book video on AVC YouTube Channel