AVC Armenian Language Course Now in an App 09/20/2022

The AVC Armenian Language course is now available as an app for both iOS and Android. The lessons for five proficiency levels (A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1) are already available to e-learners, and the AVC team is currently working on the implementation of the advanced C2 level in desktop and mobile formats.

Just like the desktop version of the course, the “Learn Armenian with AVC” app includes both Eastern and Western Armenian lessons in seven languages of instruction. E-learners must sign up at avc-agbu.org or log in to their AVC account to start using the app on their smartphone or tablet. 

AVC launched its first Armenian language course in 2009 as an innovative and convenient alternative to traditional language learning. In 2020, AVC introduced a new, fully revised and upgraded version of the course that draws on the latest educational techniques and AVC’s own decade-long experience in e-learning. 

The course features a variety of multimedia solutions supported by high-quality content developed by a multidisciplinary team of AVC online instructors, researchers and educational experts. 

“The curriculum is thoughtful and thorough. Grammar, vocabulary, practical idioms and Armenian literature form a solid foundation,”- Ara Ishanyan, USA.

In the past two years, more than 1,000 individual e-learners and 20 hybrid schools used the new Armenian Language course.

“The new courses at AVC are fantastic! The materials are very engaging, and I love that each level includes numerous realistic dialogues and animations that feature native speakers,” - Kimberley McFarlane, Australia.

Staying true to their motto, “Armenian Education, Anytime, Anywhere”, the AVC team works to give e-learners maximum flexibility and comfort of self-study while maintaining high standards in the quality and content of their courses. While the interactive lessons allow students to study independently at their own pace, the AVC online instructors monitor their progress, provide consultations, and hold online group events for better learning and practice. 

“I would highly recommend anyone who wishes to learn or improve their Armenian to take AVC courses. I think their program is particularly useful for busy people working on a tight schedule, and for those who live far from traditional educational centers, schools, and universities,” - Julien Lecouturier, France.