New Armenian language course opens in winter 2020 01/13/2020

On January 13, for the Winter Term 2020 AVC opened the A1 level of English-taught Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian course, which are currently taught to 58 students. At the meantime, the A1 level of the same courses in other five languages of instruction is being developed to be finalized for the Spring Term 2020, more precisely by April 13. The A2 level of these courses is in the development process as well. AVC Education program coordinator is elaborating the next level’s content, narration, translations, and multimedia materials, preserving the best from the past experience and creating new advanced components.


AVC has already collected abundant positive feedback from its students on the renewed Armenian language course. You can find some of them down below:


-I really like the new dialogues and the fact that the speakers leave a pause after each sentence. It makes it easier to parse the sentence when you are still new to it. ”-


-I liked it and found it more useful than the previous versions. I also really liked the animations, new vocabulary and loved the fact you can download.” -


- Great job! I’ll keep checking the new lessons.” –