Toumanyan Through My Eyes: Connecting Students from Buenos Aires, Rostov & Tbilisi 09/05/2014
The AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC) hybrid program continues to expand its scope of activities to different Armenian communities and educational centres. The Virtual Tour to Hovhannes Toumanyan Museum organized by AVC Online Instructors was a recent undertaking aiming to involve more students in the AVC community and strengthen their feeling of Armenian identity through cultural activities. The visit to Toumanyan’s museum through a magnificent virtual social event called “Toumanyan through My Eyes” marks the 145th anniversary of the great Armenian poet. The extra-curricular activity attracted many hybrid students and was a great success in the Armenian communities of Rostov, Tbilisi and Buenos Aires. During the event, students were not only online viewers but active participants, continuing to inspire the spirit of the social event live in their communities. The students from Rostov, Tbilisi and Buenos Aires were asked to come up with their own performances of the works of the great Armenian poet and writer Hovhannes Toumanyan. The students in Rostov led by the hybrid program teacher Armine Vardanyan actively participated at the community event by staging a small performance based on Hovhannes Toumanyan’s tale of Barekendan. Students from Tbilisi, organized by Angela Saroyan, a dedicated AVC student, recited poems by Toumanyan. The creative efforts of Buenos Aires AGBU Marie Manoogian School teachers Elena Achdjian and Alisa Khachatrian resulted in an exciting “Adventure in the Library” – a performance of various excerpts from Toumanyan’s works. Thus the virtual Social Tour instigated collaboration between AVC Labs in Tbilisi, Rostov and the AGBU Marie Manoogian School in Buenos Aires. The event was a unique opportunity to bring the young people from different Armenian communities under one umbrella and further one of AVC’s core missions – to create a virtual community for the Armenians worldwide.