Prague: Armenians Welcome AVC Founding President 03/17/2016
On March 17, 2016, the AGBU Armenian Virtual College Founding President Yervant Zorian was hosted at the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia to Czech Republic in Prague. During a special event hosted by the Embassy, Dr. Zorian had a meeting with Armenian community leaders and educators, including Ambassador Tigran Seyranyan, the editors of the Orer magazine and website, the teachers of the Armenian Saturday School in Prague, and other community members. The meeting was part of a series of visits across the Armenian communities worldwide aimed at revitalizing the Armenian education through AVC's innovative programs. During the meeting, Dr. Zorian learned about the activities of the Armenian community in Prague and discussed the prospects of online education for individual members and the Saturday school through various flexible e-learning formats available at AVC. Later that same evening, Dr. Zorian met with the Armenian youth representatives in Prague along with Anna Avetisyan, the Consul of the Republic of Armenia. The attendees discussed community related issues and the challenges facing the Armenian youth in Diaspora. The youth were impressed by the AGBU youth program that is geared to address their needs, and particularly by the online learning possibilities of AVC with the help of newest e-learning technologies. The team decided to explore several possibilities to join the youth programs. The visit to the Czech Republic opened new horizons of collaboration with the Armenian community members in Prague.