Granada: How a Renown European University Catered Armenian Language Courses 12/15/2016

AVC continues to increase the number of partnerships with overseas educational institutions and retains its partners throughout the succeeding years. The partnership with Granada University was initiated four years ago and new collaborative plans were discussed during Dr. Yervant Zorian’s recent visit to Granada.

The partnership began with the Translation and Interpreting Studies Department of the university, though the initiative of Armenian students at the university who wanted to see AVC’s Armenian language online courses among the third foreign language options. As a result, AVC has been offering online courses of Eastern Armenian to Granada University since 2013 – to students with Armenian and non-Armenian origins. Upon completion of a course, the students obtain credits by the University of Granada – an impetus that motivates the students to easily enroll in the course.

Dr. Zorian’s recent visit to Granada University reinforced the existing ties, and the fruitful meeting with the management of the Translation and Interpreting Studies Department generated future plans of collaboration. The Dean of the department, Professor Enrique QueroServius, the Vice Dean, Professor Jan-Hendrik Opdenhoff and AVC Founder Dr. Zorian discussed how to strengthen the collaboration aspects between the two institutions, as the mutually beneficial program has an added value for both sides.

Through the deployment of AVC’s multimedia teaching techniques, the students of the University of Granada have increased effectiveness in the learning process, and AVC records one more successful collaboration story with this renowned European educational institution.