Dallas, Texas to Leverage AVC in Saturday Schools 07/23/2015
After months of discussion on prospects of collaboration between AVC and the St. Sarkis Saturday School of Dallas, Texas, Principal Maral Aznavour visited AVC on July 23, 2015. The meeting finalized partnership plans. As an outcome of discussions, the school is to adopt AVC courses in its curricula in academic term Fall 2015. Maral Aznavour had known about the AVC program long before the meeting and used this chance to expand her knowledge about AVC offerings even more. The principal of the St. Sarkis School was particularly interested in the AVC History and Culture (Architecture and Music) courses’ introduction into her school and promised to make every effort to contribute to the further development of the Hybrid Program. The AVC team, on its end, would customize the courses for the St. Sarkis School taking into account the needs of the school and the curricula requirements. The practice of AVC’s customized courses had turned out to be rather successful previously with a number of schools, and St. Sarkis School would become the next in the series to benefit from the course materials, which are especially tailored for the educational goals that the school set to achieve in its curricula. Maral Aznavour stated that AVC was doing a fantastic job in supporting the preservation of the Armenian language, culture and history, so she felt enthusiastic as well about helping the promotion of the program to as many Armenians as possible in the community of Dallas, Texas. Her enthusiasm and dedication were very impressive and also promising of a new community emerging on the AVC map soon!