Collaboration between AVC and the Ani Project 06/30/2016
Ani, a project launched in 2015 that seeks to develop English-language skills of Armenian middle-schoolers, needed strong support in Armenia in order to raise awareness about its activities within school structures in Armenia. Ani and AVC partnered toward this goal with the expectation that AVC would invest its expertise in online learning and familiarity with school structure in Armenia toward the success of the project. Since March 2016, AVC Partnership Development Specialist Naira Gasparyan began active communication with a number of potential schools in Armenia and visited them to organize onsite series of presentations for school administrators, students and their parents. The idea and mission of Ani was received warmly and with enthusiasms. By the end of academic year 2015-2016, in June, five schools had joined the program. The collaboration between AVC and the Ani Project will continue for the academic year of 2016-2017 to spread the word about Ani in many other schools, as well as in other potential educational institutions.