AVC at the British Council Conference 10/02/2013
The Armenian Virtual College with its unique format of teaching and approach to students has a significant place and role among the Armenian educational institutions. And it is not occasional that in all the important educational events AVC is an expected guest. On October 2-3 the British Council organized a conference named ''Education: Journey or Destination?” where AVC had a presentation on the opening day. The AGBU Armenian Virtual College together with many other Armenian organizations operating in the education sphere took the floor at the conference sharing their experience and insights in the sphere. As usual the AVC founding President Dr. Zorian presented the Armenian Virtual College concept at the conference; he demonstrated the new form and approach of education first elaborated by AVC. For many of the guests, organizers and participants at the conference the AVC ideas was already known, however, they were pleasantly surprised to learn of the news – the newly added chess course and of the upcoming new products. The multimedia means deployed for teaching purposes were quite interesting and innovative for many teachers, professors and experts of the sphere. During the two-day event AVC online instructors also participated in the workshops at the conference. The conference targeted such topics as teaching English as a l foreign language; in regards with this AVC’s aspect was very interesting that uses 7 instructional languages to teach Armenian as a second language. Besides, some new tips were presented by participants about exam preparation, classroom management and other interesting learning technologies. ''Education: Journey or Destination?”A question that really leaves room to think of the four-year journey of AVC aimed at reaching the desired destination…