AVC at Girls in ICT International Event 04/25/2013
The 21st century can be referred to as a technology age with computers and high-end technology dominating every aspect of today’s life. The initiative of the world’s massive computerization though is believed to have started long before our age, nearly 200 years ago with the pioneer being a female mathematician Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Byron. Girls in ICT Day celebrated on April 25th this year, was aimed at involving more and more girls and women in the sphere to empower the later generations of Ada to carry on the debut and pursue a promising career path. The international event ‘Girls in ICT’ was initiated by “Women and Information Society” NGO headed by founder Narine Abazyan. “The growing IT sector in Armenia thus can be a brilliant career chance for a great number of Armenian girls and young ladies”. This was the appeal and the mission of the conference held in the American University of Armenia (AUA), where the Armenian Virtual College (AVC) was present as a successful and pure technology-based company. Outstanding business ladies from leading high tech companies presented their success stories in the field to 200 young girls from 18 schools and elsewhere. Opening speeches were delivered by AUA president Dr. Bruce M. Boghosian and the vice president, USAID Armenia Mission Director Karen Hilliard etc… The administrative director of AVC Anna Yengibaryan presented the way to the success AVC has achieved due to the advancements in ICT and her own personal endeavors in building up a career in ICT sphere. ‘The doors of our university are never closed’, she said focusing on the benefits of e-learning and its complete availability anywhere and anytime. ‘Had there not been the rapid developments in the sector, we would not have been able to implement AVC as a state-of-the-art project’. Anna Yengibaryan also stated that to be strategically firm AVC follows current tendencies in ICT sphere striving to secure the company with skilled IT specialists, ‘The sphere grows its potential at an exponential rate, whereas women’s interest is decreasing’, she commented. So to encourage young ladies and girls to be more active and prudent in choosing a profession, she illustrated her personal career experience, ‘With my background in Applied Mathematics I was first somehow disappointed seeing the black, silent screens of then computers, but the rapid and sophisticated IT progress and then the working environments and CIS courses at AUA opened up brilliant career opportunities later on that were fun and pleasing to cope with’. Ms. Yengibaryan finished her speech with an observation about the teams with an equal distribution of women vs. men, ‘These teams as a rule prove to be more creative, efficient and motivated, so, ladies, don’t miss the chance to fill the gap of vacancies in ICT - Tech needs girls’, she concluded. The unique innovative approach of the Armenian Virtual College stood out at the conference creating curiosity and attention towards company’s mission and tech-based activities. At the end of the Conference the event organizer named the three successful business women in the ICT sphere - Marie Lou Papazian from Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, Anna Yengibaryan from AGBU Armenian Virtual College, and Yeva Hyusyan from Microsoft Innovation Center of Armenia. To see the video describing AVC activities in ICT, please follow the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtZFLJyu2yI To see the video featuring AVC winning the second place, please follow the link http://www.armnewstv.am/hy4/1366896286