AVC Chess Course Presented to Chess Teachers of Both Kotayk and Yerevan Regions 11/12/2016
AVC continues to expand its Online Chess Program, not only out of Armenia, but also in-country. In its efforts to introduce the program to the chess teachers of Armenia, AVC had two important meetings: the first was with the chess teachers of the Kotayk Region, and the second was with those of the Yerevan Region. On November 12, 2016, the AVC team was hosted at the Chess School of Abovyan, Kotayk, to present its Online Chess Program to over 90 chess teachers of the region. AVC Academic Director Dr. Hasmik Khalapyan began the presentation by outlining the benefits of the program, and AVC Online Chess Instructor Vahagn Kalantaryan showcased the Online Chess Program in practice. Next Arpine Tavakalyan, AVC’s Hybrid Education Coordinator, pointed out how the hybrid education model could combine the best of online and onsite teaching methods. The Chess in Schools (CIS) coordinator at the Kotayk affiliate of the Chess Academy of Armenia, Naira Movsisyan, greatly appreciated the importance of AVC’s Online Chess Program and promised to implement measures to support the program’s massive use in schools of the region. “These courses are a great help to teachers and to the students as well, the online solutions that AVC offers and the program’s visual attractiveness cater to the educational needs of today’s generation,” said Mrs. Movsisyan. The second meeting with chess teachers took place on November 19, 2016 at the Chess Academy of Armenia, Yerevan, to present the AVC chess program to over 120 chess teachers of public schools in Yerevan. The presentation began with a speech from the Vice-President of the Armenian Chess Federation, Smbat Lputian, who introduced the benefits of the online program and personally recommended its use in schools. He stated, “These courses can be a brilliant supplement to the text-books you use in classrooms and would really facilitate the learning process.” AVC Academic Director Dr. Hasmik Khalapyan then spoke about the program’s methodology and teaching techniques and was followed by Vahagn Kalantaryan, who demonstrated how the program worked in practice. The two presentations generated high interest in the public school teachers of both regions; about 80 teachers registered and joined the AVC chess course after the public events to learn the online aspects of the program, in order to be able to introduce it in their classrooms. The series of chess presentations will continue in 2017 as outreach for more public school teachers in the country and to provide a greater coverage of chess knowledge in Armenia.