AVC Founding President Delivers an Inspiring Keynote to Educators from Australia and New Zealand 10/15/2021

Around 90 Armenian professional educators, principles, teachers and community leaders from Australia and New Zealand joined the virtual celebration of Tarkmanchats, the Armenian Tranlators’ and Teachers’ Day, on October 9, where they had the chance to attend to an inspiring keynote, entitled "Armenian Education and the Virtual World", by AVC Founding President Dr. Yervant Zorian.

The event was organized by the Chancellor of the Armenian Diocese of Australia and NZ. It started with the Armenian national anthem and a prayer, followed by presentations and informative videos about the holiday itself.

The keynote speech of the day covered the topic of the importance of Armenian education through innovative technologies and was followed by an active question/answer session with Dr. Zorian. "Thank you very much for this opportunity and thank you very much, Dr. Yervant Zorian, for enlightening us with so much knowledge and practical implications for the AVC (Armenian Virtual College)," said Colette Serobyan after the speech. Another attendee wrote “Very informative and truly encouraging. Thank you, Dr. Zorian,” in the Zoom live chat.

The event closed with a song by the AGBU Alexander Primary School students dedicated to teachers and thanking notes from several participants, and finally, a heartful closing prayer by Archbishop Najarian.

Tarkmanchats Day is dedicated to Armenian writings and the translation of the Holy Bible. It has been celebrated by Armenians around the globe, since the creation of the Armenian alphabet in the 5th century.