Another Successful Year of the Armenian Language Program at Rosario University 12/24/2022

The National University of Rosario (NRU) in Argentina has successfully completed the second year of its Armenian language program with the Armenian Virtual College (AVC). 


In December 2022, students from the Faculty of Humanities and Arts, together with members of Cátedra Armenia and representatives from AGBU Buenos Aires, gathered to celebrate the success of the past academic year.


NRU is the first university in Latin America to incorporate AVC's courses into its curriculum, making it a pioneer in promoting cultural diversity and inclusion. The Armenian language program has been instrumental in broadening the students' knowledge and understanding of a new culture, and it has provided an excellent opportunity for them to learn a new language. In addition to the Armenian language classes, the students have also benefited from the variety of multimedia resources and online events offered through the AVC hybrid program.


The incorporation of the Armenian language program into the curriculum has opened doors for students to explore a new culture and gain a new perspective on the world. It is a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and diverse educational environment, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this initiative.