AGBU AVC Adds Armenian Language Course Instructed in Portuguese 10/10/2023

AGBU Armenian Virtual College is adding a new language of instruction to its online Armenian Language program. In addition to courses instructed in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Eastern and Western Armenian, e-learners will have the opportunity to study Armenian in Portuguese.
Following the mission of the AGBU AVC to make Armenian education available for everyone everywhere, the choice of the new language was not incidental.
A large number of Armenians live in Portuguese-speaking countries, and this will be a unique opportunity for them to learn Armenian and strengthen their connection to their roots and cultural heritage. Portuguese is also among the top ten most spoken languages in the world. In fact, there are around 230 million native speakers worldwide who can also benefit from the AGBU AVC online courses now.
Not only is this exciting news for Portuguese-speaking individuals, but also for communities and other educational institutions. The AGBU AVC Hybrid Education Program is specifically designed for schools, universities and community groups and has been successfully implemented in 58 educational institutions. It can now expand to new schools and universities where students can choose Portuguese as their language of instruction.
The addition of Portuguese to the AGBU AVC list of learning languages was made possible thanks to the collaboration with AGBU Brazil. The technical implementation of the Armenian Language course in Portuguese is now complete. The program will launch in 2024.
Watch this video to get more information about the enrollment process.