The Armenian Virtual College e-Publishes AGBU’s One Hundred Years of History 12/02/2016

On December 2, 2016 within the frames of AGBU’s 110th Anniversary Celebration Week the AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC) officially presented the newest addition to its AVC Multimedia eBooks Series, e-Book#3 entitled "The Armenian General Benevolent Union: One Hundred Years of History available in two volumes".


The original copy of "The Armenian General Benevolent Union: One Hundred Years of History" two-volume book, co-authored by Raymond H. Kevorkian and Vahe Tachjian, was published in 2006, on the occasion of the organization’s 100th anniversary. This year marks the 110th anniversary of AGBU. As AGBU celebrates its 110th anniversary, the book is presented in a new format that is in accordance with AGBU’s endeavor to redefine the Armenian experience in education and learning. The content of the original book, in terms of text and photos, has been fully preserved. Multimedia features, such as recordings, videos, timelines, etc., have been added to digitally enhance the two volumes to meet the expectations of modern-day e-book readers.


Volume I of "The Armenian General Benevolent Union: One Hundred Years of History" is an overview of the AGBU’s activities since its foundation in 1906 up to its first ventures in 1940s. Based on rich archival material, original pictures, videos and timelines, the e-Book covers AGBU’s mission, its humanitarian activities during the Armenian Genocide and in the post-WW I period. The readers learn about AGBU’s support for Genocide survivors and orphans, AGBU’s reorganization and relocation to Paris, its collaboration with Soviet Armenia, and ongoing activities in the Middle East. Located in wider context of Armenian history, the e-Book is an excellent resource for those who want to trace the formation of post-Genocide Armenian Diaspora and the reconstruction of the Armenian World, and the difficult relations between the Diaspora and the Soviet Armenia.


Volume II of "The Armenian General Benevolent Union: One Hundred Years of History" is an overview of the Armenian General Benevolent Union activities from 1941 up to 2006. Informed by archival material and first-hand accounts, original pictures, audio and video material, the e-Book pays particular attention to the vast program for the construction of schools, cultural and athletic centers. It glances at the crisis in the Middle East and its impact on Armenians, and illustrates AGBU’s ongoing relations with the Soviet Armenia, and later also the independent Republic of Armenia. The final chapters list AGBU’s programs and financial activities globally.