Paris Armenian School Principals Discuss AVC Hybrid Program 11/20/2015
During a trip to Paris, France in November, the Armenian Virtual College Founder Dr. Yervant Zorian was honored with a dedicated AVC event held at the AGBU Cultural Center in Paris for the principals and teachers of the Armenian schools in the Paris area. The event began with opening remarks by Nadia Gortzounian, chairman of the France District of AGBU, and was followed by the audience of principals and teachers welcoming Dr. Zorian’s visit to Paris, France. Dr. Yervant Zorian presented the AVC mission and activities to the audience, and then placed the emphasis on the AVC Hybrid Education Program. Dr. Zorian spoke of the successful implementation of the AVC blended education model in numerous Armenian community schools and centers, showcasing the advantages of onsite and online learning simultaneously in blended education systems. The attendees were enthusiastic to learn of AVC’s activities, and pointed out the importance of AVC programs with the increasing desire to study the Armenian language and history via modern methods. In this context, the AVC Hybrid Education Model could brilliantly fill the gap by offering education through innovative methods and multimedia solutions on site. The attending principals from the AGBU Saturday School, the Tebrotsaser School, and the Hrant Dink School had the opportunity to assess the benefits of the hybrid program. They requested to hold a follow up workshop in January to demonstrate sample courses and discuss implementation aspects of the hybrid program for the Armenian schools in Paris. The event ended on a promising note of further collaboration with new schools to join and leverage the AVC Hybrid Education Program.