Hybrid Education Class About to Start at Sydney Saturday School 12/19/2017

The new school year at the Sydney Saturday School will begin with an Armenian course based on the AVC hybrid education program.


The introductory presentation by the AVC liaison Mihran Lepejian in Oct 2017 received a positive response from the school teachers and principal. It was decided to start a trial course for the students (the 1st level of Western Armenian), which was completed in mid-December.


On November 4, 2017, Dr. Yervant Zorian, the AVC Founding President, and Hasmik Khalapyan, the AVC Academic Director, participated in an online meeting with parents, where they spoke about the hybrid education program, online courses, and tools offered by AVC, and answered numerous questions. The parents also had an opportunity to be present during an online lesson, and many of them found that AVC’s program was a very good way to learn Armenian. At the Saturday School year end concert, it was announced that the school would start the AVC hybrid education in the next school year, in February 2018. One of the parents who took part in the earlier meeting talked about the Virtual College. Photos from the classes along with the AVC video were presented to more than 110 guests.


This will be the third school in Australia to participate in the AVC Hybrid Education. The LOOYCE Armenian Saturday School joined the program in fall 2017. The students have successfully completed a Western Armenian course (from the beginner’s level to conversational). Another hybrid group at the Galstaun College has been running evening classes in Western Armenian for adults. All the classes will resume in February 2018.