AVC at the 5th Armenia-Diaspora Conference 09/19/2014
From September 19-20, 2014, Armenian Virtual College (AVC) took part in the 5th Armenia-Diaspora Conference held in Yerevan, Armenia. More than 1,000 Armenians from Armenia and the Diaspora participated in the conference, among them governmental, political and cultural figures, academics and journalists, and leaders and representatives of various organizations from Armenia as well as from different countries around the world. Dr. Yervant Zorian, Founder and President of Armenian Virtual College, was invited to participate in the conference as a keynote speaker to present AVC’s important role in the panel session devoted to “Current Issues and Perspectives of the Armenia-Diaspora Partnership”. During the panel session, Dr. Zorian presented both the mission and activities that AVC pursues within the context of issues that the Diaspora currently faces. He described AVC as “an important bridge between the Diaspora and Armenia, which, if followed, would bring the Armenians closer to their cultural legacy, historical past, and present-day challenges”. Dr. Zorian stated that AVC courses served not only educational purposes, but also served as a tool and mechanism of building and developing a partnership between Armenia and the Diaspora, implementing various activities within Armenian communities, and so on. The conference attendees also had a chance to learn about the upcoming TV project “AVC TV School”, jointly implemented by AVC and the Ministry of Diaspora. The project, which is planned to be aired on the Armenian Public Satellite TV Channel, is another great opportunity for the Diaspora Armenians to learn their mother tongue, even if they are physically far from their homeland. In conjunction with the sessions, a number of local and Diaspora organizations, associations, and media groups took the opportunity to showcase their activities to the visiting guests and participants in an open-air exhibition format. In AVC’s section of the exhibition, the guests were familiarized with AVC products – language, culture and history courses as well as the innovative multimedia e-book series first issue “The Armenian Highland”. The 5th Armenia-Diaspora Conference was an important step for the participants as well as AVC in terms of establishing new contacts, building stronger relationships, and pursuing common goals together.