Ministry of Diaspora & AVC Celebrate UNESCO International Mother Language Day

Since 1999, UNESCO sponsored mother language and multilingual education through International Mother Language Day (IMLD). The overall objective of the Day is to contribute to promoting global language education and intracultural communication. This year, the observance of the International Mother Language Day was held on 21 February in the UNESCO ...

Geneva: Armenian School and Library Host AVC’s Dr. Zorian

In pursuit of creating awareness about AVC in Armenian communities, AVC Founder Dr. Yervant Zorian visited Geneva, Switzerland, at the end of March to meet members of the Armenian Community as well as active organization leaders.
Mr. Vahe Gabrache, AGBU Central Board member and a prominent Armenian from Geneva ...

Connecting Global Armenians via AVC Language e-Chat Rooms

AVC Alumni Relations Office continues to provide platform for communication and connectedness through AVC Language e-Chat Rooms.
As a language teaching institution AVC is exceptional in providing multiple means for practicing language, one of them being AVC Language e-Chat Rooms. About 50 alumni with intermediate ...


AGBU European Summit Examines Strengthening e-Learning Opportunities with AVC

On January 28 and 29, 2017,over 40 members of AGBU Europe leadership came together in Brussels for an AGBU Europe Summit to develop a plan for the implementation of the region’s strategy for the next five years.
Language and Heritage is-one of the four pillars of AGBU Europe’s strategy and strengthening e-learning opportunities via the Armenian Virtual College is the key decision associated with this pillar. One of the four workshops of this summit had been dedicated to this pillar ...

AVC e-Books Continue to Penetrate New Public Schools in Yerevan

The AVC Multimedia e-Book Series continues to be used by students for academic and leisure reading. This spring AVC held a number of presentations of the e-books at public schools in Armenia. The students of #136 and #108 public schools in Yerevan learned about the benefits of the innovative e-Book series and became active users of the series.
Through a public lecture on March 22, 2017, AVC opened the wonderful world of e-Books ...

Sydney: Looyce Armenian School Joins AVC’s Hybrid Learning Network

The list of Armenian schools increases each term recording new success stories. Recently, the Looyce Armenian School of Sydney, Australia, incorporated the AVC Hybrid Education Program in its curricula to benefit from the blend of traditional and online education methods.
Due to the continuous efforts of Mihran Lepejian, AVC’s dedicated liaison in Australia, and the teacher Irina Ghoughassian the Looyce Armenian School joined the AVC Hybrid Program ...

eLearner Insight from Istanbul: The wonderful feeling of connection

When speaking with Arman Kocayan from Istanbul, he immediately remarked about how Armenian Virtual College connects people worldwide, stating: “Hearing that your mother is from Bolis is so cool, you are from Canada and we get together by AVC from Yerevan. This created a wonderful feeling of connection and unity within me.”
Arman works as an ERP Systems Officer at a luxury goods company. He has lived in Istanbul his entire life, which he describes as ...

Lyon: AGBU YP and Local Chapter Host Interactive Presentation by Dr. Zorian

AVC continues its geographic expansion throughout Europe, building awareness in all cities with an extensive Armenian population. On November 29, 2016, AGBU Lyon and the AGBU YPs organized a meeting with AVC Founder Dr. Yervant Zorian at the AGBU Center in Lyon.
The event began with opening remarks by Viken Kojakian, the AGBU YP chair, who welcomed Dr. Zorian’s visit to Lyon ...

AVC Chess Master Class at Public Schools in Yerevan

Alternative education is becoming more and more popular with an increasing amount of educational institutions choosing to benefit not only from traditional but also e-learning methods, and sometimes incorporating a blend of the two.
On March 17, 2017 AVC Chess Instructor Vahagn Kalantaryan organized a Master Class at #166 Public School after Artem Mikoyan in Yerevan. The schoolchildren of the III E class had an exciting journey through the AVC online course ...

Granada: How a Renown European University Catered Armenian Language Courses

AVC continues to increase the number of partnerships with overseas educational institutions and retains its partners throughout the succeeding years. The partnership with Granada University was initiated four years ago and new collaborative plans were discussed during Dr. Yervant Zorian’s recent visit to Granada.
The partnership began with the Translation and Interpreting Studies Department of the university ...

Nouvelle d’Armenie features AVC: the Technological Resource for Education

In its 8 years of successful operation AVC has been featured by a large number of local, international media,the latest one being Nouvelle d’ArmenieMagazine (NAM), published in France.
Nouvelle d’ArmenieMagazine had called attention to AVC activities in the past years; however the recent article in NAM April issue, it highlighted AVC’s invaluable technological resources in reaching out to Armenians worldwide and providing not only Armenian education but also connecting ...

AUA Colloquium on Online Education features AVC

The Armenian Virtual College and several e-educators and practitioners from leading organizations in Armenia came together at the Colloquium on Online Education on April 14 at AUA, to share their experiences in providing online education.
AVC Academic Director, Prof. Hasmik Khalapyan, presented the experiences, successes and challenges the College encountered in providing online education worldwide. Prof. Khalapyan pointed ...

Jerusalem: Hybrid Program Planned for Sts. Tarkmanchatz Armenian School

VC Hybrid Program continues to record new success stores and an increased interest in its innovative teaching methods. During his recent trip to Jerusalem, AVC Founder Dr. Yervant Zorian met with the leads of the Sts. Tarkmanchatz Armenian School , which has long been planning to incorporate AVC’s History course into its curricula.
During his meeting with the school principal Father Norayr Kazazian and history teacher Horout Baghamyan, Dr. Zorian highlighted the benefits of hybrid learning, ...

Russian-Armenian Slavonic University adopts AVC eLearning

The partnership project with Russian-Armenian Slavonic University (RAU), intended for the academic year of 2016-2017 (September 2016 to June 2017), includes 16 students from RAU’s Departments of Management and International Relations. The students are successively taught three levels of AVC’s Eastern Armenian course through Russian: Beginners Eastern Armenian, Elementary Eastern Armenian and Pre-Intermediate ...

Beirut: Armenian Evangelical School joins AVC’s Hybrid Learning Network

The collaboration between the Armenian Evangelical School of Beirut and the Armenian Virtual College started in the academic term of Spring 2017, thanks to the efforts of RA Ministry of Diaspora (MOD).
AVC’s Hybrid Education Program is intended for schools wishing to incorporate innovative learning methods into their curricula. This was indicated as a perfect fit for the Armenian Evangelical School of Beirut by the school authorities as they learned about AVC’s offerings ...


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