“Reconnecting with My Armenian Heritage through AVC”

“It is incredibly difficult to keep a connection to one’s Armenian heritage without a grasp of the language,” says Joseph Syren, an AVC student from the US.

Until recently, Joseph’s only link to his Armenian roots was the traditional food that his large family enjoyed on festive occasions and the stories his Armenian grandfather used to tell about his childhood. In order to reconnect with his Armenian heritage, Joseph decided to learn the language. But no one in his family spoke Armenian, and there was no Armenian school or language classes in Alaska, where they lived. He searched online, and in January 2018 started a language course at AVC.

“The Armenian Virtual College has been such a blessing to me, because very few resources exist to learn Armenian. AVC has given me the chance to learn Armenian with the help of a native speaker as a teacher,” says Joseph.
With his passion for languages and the guidance from the AVC teacher Marina Khachaturyan, he made a rapid progress in his studies. Last summer Joseph had the opportunity to apply what he had learned, when he visited Armenia as part of the AGBU Yerevan Summer Internship Program. During his stay in Yerevan he participated in the AVC classes for the interns that helped him even further advance in his knowledge of the Armenian language and culture.

“My connection to Armenia extends beyond dolma and lamb and includes new Armenian friends both in and outside Armenia, as well as a deeper understanding of the language. I am so grateful to AVC for providing me with this opportunity to learn Armenian,” Joseph says.

Watch what Joseph has to say about his experience with the Armenian Virtual College.

By Naira Adamyan
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